Posterizan (microbial cells of Escherichia coli) suppositories №10


Local treatment of hemorrhoid symptoms.



Posterizan Composition and form of release
Active components of suppositories: microbial cells of Escherichia coli, killed by phenol 660 million ± 25%.
Supplementary substances of suppositories: macrogol-glycerin, hydroxystearate, emulsifying solid fat, phenol.

Posterizan is an anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, immunostimulating, regenerating medicine. The drug promotes the formation of specific immunity, stimulates non-specific. Its active component – bacterial culture suspension – includes inactivated bacteria, products of their metabolism. They stimulate the T-link of immunity, increase the phagocytic activity of leukocytes, cells of the reticuloendothelial system, humoral factors of nonspecific immunity. It causes an increase in the formation of antibodies at the site of exposure, increases the local resistance of tissues to the action of pathogenic microflora due to the content of concentrated lipopolysaccharides of cell membranes, metabolites of E. coli of different strains, incl. antibiotic-resistant. Reduces exudation, stimulates the regeneration of damaged tissues, normalizes the tone and permeability of blood vessels.

Posterizan is appointed:

  • with hemorrhoids (mainly suppositories);
  • with perianal dermatitis (ointment);
  • with anal, genital itching, especially resistant to other drugs;
  • with anal fissure (ointment);
  • with anopapillitis;
  • in the condition after operations on the anorectal region (to stimulate wound healing).

You can not appoint for allergies to phenol, intolerance to auxiliary components.

Application during pregnancy and lactation
It is possible to use Posterizan during these periods on the recommendation of a doctor.

Method of administration and dosage
Suppositories are used in 1 piece in the morning and in the evening, as well as after each bowel movement.
The standard course of treatment is 2–3 weeks.
Combined use of suppositories and ointments is possible.

No cases of overdose were reported. In case of an overdose, side effects may appear or increase.
In case of overdose, seek medical attention.
Overdose treatment: cessation of medication use, symptomatic treatment.

Side effects
Posterisan has no adverse reactions even with prolonged use.
Phenol is used as a conservative in the preparation, therefore, allergic manifestations are possible in patients with hypersensitivity to it. With the development of allergic reactions, the use of the drug should be discontinued.

Storage conditions and periods
The medicine must be stored in its original (factory) packaging, subject to temperature conditions (within 15-25 ° C), low humidity and no direct sunlight. Do not freeze. The maximum shelf life is indicated on the packaging (three years). Not to be used after the expiration date. Parents need to keep their children safe and restrict their access to medication.