Proctozan (heparin sodium) rectal suppositories №10


For the symptomatic treatment of hemorrhoids and itching in the perianal area for a short period of time.



Composition and form of release
Proctozan is available as an ointment and rectal suppository. The active substances of the drug are bufexamak, titanium dioxide, bismuth subgallate, vidocaine hydrochloride monohydrate.

Proctozan is used in the treatment of anal fissures, proctitis and the treatment of inflammatory processes in the rectum. Also, the drug is used in the treatment of acute and chronic anal eczema and hemorrhoids of the first and second severity.

The drug is not used in the therapy of patients who suffer from hypersensitivity to the drug components, specific skin diseases in the anal area. Also, it is not used if there are tuberculous or syphilitic skin lesions in the area of ​​application.
The drug is contraindicated for the treatment of patients with atopic dermatitis and a history of contact allergic reactions.

Due to the fact that there is no data on the efficacy and safety of using the drug in the therapy of children, the drug is not prescribed to patients under 18 years of age.

Application during pregnancy and lactation
Due to the fact that there is no reliable information about the use of the drug in the therapy of nursing and pregnant women, the drug can be used in the treatment of this category of patients only as a last resort.

Method of administration and dosage
When using Proctozan in rectal suppositories, the drug is used only after emptying the intestines, 1 suppository 2 to 3 times a day. To obtain a stable therapeutic effect, the drug is recommended to be used after the symptoms of the disease disappear for another 8 or 10 days.
If Proctozan is used as an ointment, then a 1 to 2 centimeter long strip should be applied to the affected area of ​​the anus twice a day. Before applying the ointment, the skin should be thoroughly washed with warm water and soap and dried with a soft cloth.
It is also possible to administer the drug rectally using a special applicator. After emptying the intestines using the applicator, the drug is injected into the rectum once or twice in a knock. Also, as in the case of rectal suppositories, the ointment must be used after the symptoms of the disease disappear for another 8 or 10 days.

With rectal use of the drug, an overdose is impossible. However, if the drug is accidentally swallowed, it is necessary to perform gastric lavage and provide him with enterosorbents.

Side effects
Proctozan is well tolerated by patients, however, in isolated cases, itching, urticaria and rash at the sites of application of the drug may appear in patients. Very rarely, patients with hypersensitivity may develop swelling, peeling and redness in the area of ​​use of the product.
When the drug and condoms are used together, their elasticity and strength may decrease, which may cause them to break.

Storage conditions and periods
Store in a cool place out of reach of children. The duration of storage of the drug, subject to storage conditions, is 5 years.