Pshik (sterile seawater) nasal spray for adults 0.9% 100 ml.


Manufacturer: Germany



Pshik Composition
Main active ingredient: sterile seawater, preservative free.

Release form
It is produced in the form of a nasal spray, in aluminum bottles with a spray tip, with a volume of 100 ml.
100 grams of spray contains 100 g of sterile hypertonic seawater. Sea water is diluted at a concentration of 0,9% to purified water.

Pharmacological properties
Pshik is from a group of natural-based drugs used in allergology, otolaryngology, and local action.
The main active ingredient is seawater, purified to a sterile state. The seawater that is part of the preparation is extracted from the Gyulmarsfjorden sea fjord (Sweden), located in the west of the country. Water intake is carried out from a depth of 32 meters below sea level. 1 liter of sea water contains 35 grams of salts, the main part of which is sodium chloride.
Sea water is used in otolaryngology to irrigate and moisturize the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity, which helps to reduce congestion in the nasal sinuses, remove allergens from the nose, dilutes mucus and accelerates recovery from diseases of the nasal sinuses – rhinitis, sinusitis.

This drug Pshik is used in the complex treatment of sinuses. In particular, it is used for:

  • cleansing, moisturizing the mucous membranes of the nose;
  • irrigation of the sinuses, which helps to reduce nasal congestion, reduce swelling in them, makes it difficult for bacteria, viruses to penetrate in the autumn-winter period, and allergens and dust enter the body
  • dilution of the nasal secretion;
  • helps to restore patency and normal functioning of the nose as a respiratory organ;
  • helps to accelerate recovery in diseases of the nasopharynx, paranasal sinuses in the nose.

In chronic diseases, sinusitis, rhinitis, it helps to accelerate recovery, reduce inflammation, and reduce the number of relapses.

A solution in a concentration of 0.9% can be used in pediatrics for children from 6 months.

The drug in question is contraindicated for use in cases where the patient has severe hypersensitivity (allergy) to the main or one of the auxiliary components.

Application during pregnancy and lactation
In the case of pregnancy and lactation, it is permissible to prescribe this drug if the patient has no contraindications for this.

Method of administration and dosage
Pshik is a nasal spray.
After confirming the attachment of the nozzle, inject the drug into each nostril by holding your finger on the nozzle for 1-2 seconds. Try to gently inhale the air through the injected liquid. Then gently clean your nose.
To wash, tilt the head to the side and inject the drug until the liquid begins to pour out of the nose.
You should not throw your head back.
The drug is not addictive.
The duration of the treatment course is determined by the attending physician, depending on the type of disease, the patient’s well-being.

Overdose has not been observed at the moment and is unlikely, since the drug is non-toxic.

Side effects
Prem of this drug usually goes away without side effects, except in rare cases of individual intolerance to sea water.
If you experience hypersensitivity while taking this drug, you may experience:

  • irritation, allergic urticaria;
  • nausea.

In case of undescribed reactions, you should consult your doctor.

Storage conditions and periods
Shelf life – 3 years from the date of production, which is indicated on the package.
Storage temperature – not lower than 15 and not higher than 30 ° С.
Storage is carried out out of the reach of children.