Ravel SR (indapamid) tablets 1.5 mg. №60


Long-acting diuretic drug, used in combination therapy of arterial hypertension.



Ravel SR Composition and form of release
The main active ingredient is indapamid. Among the excipients are hypromelose, celactose, povidone, macrogol, etc. It goes on sale in tablet form at a dosage of 1.5 milligrams.

Pharmacological properties
Long-acting diuretic drug, used in combination therapy of arterial hypertension.

Indications Ravel SR
It is used in the treatment of both primary and secondary arterial hypertension.
The drug belongs to the group of diuretics, sulfonamide derivatives. The mechanism of action is similar to thiazide diuretics. Helps to slow down the reabsorption of chlorine, sodium, magnesium and potassium ions inside the renal tubules.
It causes vasodilation, reduces resistance in peripheral vessels, relaxes the smooth muscles of the arteries.
Has the property of lowering the circulation of calcium ions and the susceptibility of vascular walls to the effects of angiotensin II and norepinephrine, increasing the production of prostaglandin E2.
Regular use of this drug leads to a decrease in left ventricular hypertrophy. When taken in the recommended dosage, the drug does not produce an excessive diuretic effect, but it has an antihypertensive effect.
The therapeutic effect of taking this drug is activated if it is taken together with antipsychotic and antidepressant drugs and also with baclofen.

Do not prescribe to patients who are allergic to sulfonamide derivatives, to the main active or one of the excipients.
Not applicable if the patient is diagnosed with severe liver or kidney failure, lactose intolerance, hypokalemia.
Not used to treat patients under the age of 18.
It is recommended to exercise caution when prescribing to patients suffering from disorders of water balance, diabetes mellitus, hyperuricemia, hyperparathyroidism.
The use of this drug with drugs containing lithium or in combination with a salt-free diet will increase the toxic effects of the kidney. The combination of administration with antipsychotic and antiarrhythmic drugs increases the risk of arrhythmia.

Application during pregnancy and lactation
Not applicable.

Method of administration and dosage
It is taken orally. They do not bite, break or chew.
Take 1 tablet 1 time per day, in the morning.
An increase in dosage does not lead to an increase in its antihypertensive effect.

With excessive use of the drug, blood pressure can drop, the electrolyte balance can be disturbed due to a sharp decrease in the content of sodium and potassium in the blood. The appearance of polyuria, anuria, oliguria is possible. Symptoms of poisoning are possible – nausea, vomiting, confusion.
Overdose with existing cirrhosis can lead to the patient’s coma.
Treatment is symptomatic. Shows gastric lavage, intake of sorbents.

Side effects
The most common complication is hypokalemia. Dyspeptic reactions are possible – nausea, vomiting, stool disturbance, dry mouth.
Taking the drug can cause insomnia, irritability, anxiety, fatigue, arrhythmia, anemia, hemorrhagic vasculitis, anorexia, nocturia, polyuria, and can lead to hypercalcemia, hyponatremia.
Allergic reactions are possible in the form of itching, angioedema, urticaria.
In rare cases, taking the drug leads to a too significant drop in blood pressure, causing tachycardia, pancreatitis, and bone marrow aplasia.
Possible damage to the urinary system, renal failure, toxic epidermal necrolysis is possible.

Storage conditions and periods Ravel SR
Stored up to 4 years at temperatures up to 25 ° C.