Remens (Cimicifuga, Canadian sanguinaria) tablets №12


The drug is used for menstrual disorders, premenstrual syndrome, painful menstruation, menopausal disorders, as well as in the complex treatment of inflammatory gynecological diseases.



Composition and form of release
Remens is produced in the form of tablets. The composition of the drug includes racemose cimicifuga, Canadian sanguinaria, pilocarpus, venom of the supukuku snake, the secret of the carcassian gland.

Remens is used in conjunction with other drugs in the treatment of adnexitis, endometritis and climacteric syndrome. It is used in the complex therapy of various types of menstrual irregularities, such as amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, premenstrual tension syndrome.

Remens in tablets is not used in the treatment of patients under 12 years of age, patients with hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. In the therapy of nursing and pregnant women, the use of the drug is possible only for medical reasons and as directed by a doctor.
Homeopathic drops are not used if the patient has abnormalities in the liver and intolerance to the components of the drug. Also, this dosage form is not used in the treatment of children under 12 years of age, pregnant and lactating.
Alcoholism, craniocerebral trauma and brain diseases are considered a relative contraindication to the appointment of Remens.

Application during pregnancy and lactation
The use of Remens in the therapy of women at the stage of lactation and pregnancy is possible only as prescribed by the doctor.

Method of administration and dosage
Regardless of the dosage form, Remens is recommended to be taken thirty or sixty minutes after a meal. The tablets should be kept under the tongue until they are completely dissolved. Drops can be taken both in pure form and diluted in a tablespoon of water. Keep the drops in the mouth for at least 20 seconds before swallowing. The preparation is recommended to be taken in one tablet or 10 drops 3 times a day. In the treatment of climacteric syndrome after stabilization of the state, the frequency of administration is recommended to be reduced to 1 or 2 times a day. In the treatment of menstrual disorders or chronic inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs, the duration of treatment is three months. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated 30 days after the last administration of the drug. The duration of treatment for climacteric syndrome is not less than 6 months. At the beginning of therapy, for the fastest possible elimination of symptoms, the drug should be taken every 30 or 60 minutes, but not more than 8 times per knock. After stabilization of the state, they switch to taking the drug in a standard dosage.

Not a single case of an overdose with Remens has been officially recorded. However, it can be assumed that when taking the drug in the form of drops in higher doses, due to the fact that it contains ethyl alcohol, the development of symptoms characteristic of the state of alcoholic intoxication is possible.

Side effects
When taking Remens in pill form, no side effects were recorded.

Storage conditions and periods
Remens should be stored in a place that is well protected from light and out of reach of children. Duration of storage of tablets – 3 years.