Remo-Wax (allantoin, benzethonium chloride) еar drops 10 ml.


Ear hygiene to clean the ear canal from excess earwax; Dissolution of dense sulfur formations (“sulfur plugs»); Prevention of formation of sulfur and epidermal plugs.



Composition Remo-Wax
The active ingredients of the drug are allantoin, benzethonium chloride, butylhydroxytoluene, phenylethanol, sorbic acid, liquid lanolin, mink oil, emulsifiers, fillers and water.

Release form
The drug Remo-Wax is produced in the form of drops for intra-ear use.
Ear drops are available in a 10 ml bottle with a dispenser.

Pharmacological properties
Remo-Wax – ear drops that help get rid of excess wax in the ear canals.
The medicinal product is intended for use in children and adults.
Due to its composition, which includes lanolin, allantoin, and mink oil, Remo-Wax promotes the dissolution of earwax, its easier discharge, separates old cells of the ear canal, suppresses the reproduction of viruses and bacteria.
As planned, ear gray is removed from the ear canal on its own, but sometimes the action of mechanical devices (headphones, earplugs) or climatic conditions and diseases lead to the formation of a plug of sulfur, which clogs the passage. As a result, hearing decreases, headaches and nausea appear.
Remo-Wax is produced without aggressive or antibacterial ingredients, which allows the drug to be used practically without contraindications at any age (even for newborns). The components phenylethanol and butylhydroxytoluene help to soften the pressed sulfur. Sorbic acid moisturizes the cork, making it easy to wash out.

Indications for use
Remo-Wax ear drops are used to facilitate the removal of wax from the ears for children and adults.
The drug is especially useful for young children, athletes-swimmers, divers, diving amateurs, people who regularly use headphones, earplugs or hearing aids, and elderly people with significant hearing loss.

There are no contraindications for instilling Remo-wax.
The only obstacles to drug therapy are ear pain, discharge from the ears, as well as a damaged eardrum.
Separately, I would like to note that the use of cotton swabs can cause otitis externa, especially in children under three years old.
In children under 3 years of age, the use of cotton swabs can cause otitis externa. Therefore, cotton swabs are best used only to cleanse the outside of the auricle.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding period
Remo-Vax is absolutely harmless for women from the first to the third trimester of pregnancy, inclusive, does not harm and does not penetrate into breast milk during lactation.
Remo-Wax can be safely used by women in any position.

Mode of application
Remo-wax is instilled into the ear canal. Before instillation, the medicine bottle is heated in the palms for about two minutes so that the temperature is close to normal body temperature.
The person lies on their side, the earlobe is pulled back and down. Drops are buried along the back wall of the ear canal in the amount of 20 drops, sometimes less – it all depends on the size of the ear canal.
Do not bury in the center of the ear canal. This can cause an air lock.
A couple of minutes after instillation, the patient has a sensation of standing water in the ears. This is due to the moisture-retaining components in the composition of the solution.
Do not cover your ears with cotton swabs or cotton wool after instillation. Within 10 minutes after instilling the solution into the ears, let it act while lying on the same side.
After that, the patient turns over and allows the remaining solution to flow out for one minute.
Sometimes the color of the solution that flows out may be brown. No additional medication or lavage is required.
Remo-wax is applied every two weeks as a hygienic care. If there is a sulfur plug, the exposure time to drops should be increased from 10 to 30 minutes.
Sometimes, in especially severe cases, the procedure must be repeated up to 5 times a day.

There are no recorded facts of adverse reactions after drug overdose.

Adverse reactions
Remo-Wax is hypoallergenic and does not cause allergic reactions in the most persistent allergy sufferers. The drug is safe even with prolonged use.
Remo-Wax has no other side effects, sometimes there is a feeling of being full of water after instillation.
If there is or appears a burning sensation or discomfort, a doctor’s consultation is necessary.

Storage conditions
The drug should be stored away from children at room temperature.