Rescue Remedy (Rescue Night flower essence) spray 20 ml. vial


it can be recommended as a dietary Supplement for emotional overload and stress. It helps to normalize the psychoemotional state and concentration of attention. It helps to overcome excitement, anxiety, agitation, irritability, and nervous tension. It has mild soothing properties. Consult a doctor before use.

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Composition Rescue Remedy
Water, glycerin, xylitol sweetener, malic acid, sodium benzoate preservative, Rescue Night flower essence (Helianthemum nummularium, Prunus cerasifera, Impatiens glandulifera, Ornithogalum umbellatum, Clematis vitalba – invention of Dr. E. Bach). Does not contain artificial colors.

Release form
Spray spray bottle 20 ml

Description Rescue Remedy
Dietary supplement Rescue Remedy can be recommended for stress, feelings of nervous tension, irritability, anxiety. Use Rescue Remedy drops or spray to help balance in situations such as:

  • job change;
  • operating voltage;
  • increased load;
  • relationship problems;
  • jealousy;
  • diffidence;
  • impatience;
  • during air travel and business meetings;
  • exams, interviews;
  • weddings, divorces;
  • tragic events.

Individual sensitivity to components, pregnancy, lactation.

Method of administration and dosage
Consume 3-4 times a day. Remove the protective cap before using the spray. Place a spray bottle under the tongue and inject twice.

Period of use Rescue Remedy
2-3 weeks, then repeat if necessary.

Storage conditions
At temperatures below 25 ° C.