Rezonativ (anti-d human immunoglobulin) solution for injections 625ME/ml. 2 ml. ampoules


Manufacturer: Sweden



Composition and form of release
Active ingredients: human immunoglobulin antiresus Rh0 (D) – 625 IU / ml (125 μg / ml).
Rezonativ is produced in the form of a solution for injection.

Pharmacological properties
It is an immunoglobulin specific for the Rh0 (D) antigen. Prevents Rh sensitization of Rh-negative women, preventing possible complications.

Rezonativ is prescribed:

  • for the prevention of complications (Rh-conflict) in Rh-negative patients not sensitized to the Rh0 (D) antigen in the prenatal period;
  • for the prevention of Rh-conflict in Rh-negative, non-sensitized patients (subject to the first pregnancy, the birth of a Rh-positive baby, whose blood is compatible with the mother’s blood according to the ABO system), in the postpartum period;
  • to prevent sensitization of an Rh-negative woman during abortion (artificial abortion) in case of a positive rhesus of the husband’s blood;
  • to prevent sensitization of an Rh-negative woman in case of artificial / spontaneous abortion, amniocentesis, trauma to the abdominal organs of a pregnant woman.

Rezonativ is not used:

  • with intolerance to the components;
  • in the presence of antibodies to Ig A;
  • with selective Ig A deficiency;
  • in case of severe allergic reactions after the introduction of protein preparations of blood, a history of donor immunoglobulins;
  • with a positive Rh factor of a woman in labor / pregnant woman;
  • with severe thrombocytopenia, other hemostatic disorders.

Application during pregnancy and lactation
Only on indications.

Method of administration and dosage
Rezonativ is used parenterally.
The following criteria must be evaluated before use:

  • the mother is Rh-negative and not sensitized to the Rh0 (D) antigen;
  • A child of an Rh negative mother has a negative Rh factor and a Coombs test (direct antiglobulin test).

If the drug is administered before delivery, the mother needs to receive another dose within three days of delivery after the birth of the Rh-positive baby.
If it is determined that the father of the fetus is Rh negative, there is no need to prescribe the drug.
The dose is determined in accordance with the rate of Rh-positive fetal red blood cells detected in the mother’s bloodstream. Dose calculation: to neutralize 0.5 ml of Rh-positive erythrocytes or 1.0 ml of Rh-positive blood, 50 IU (10 μg) of anti-D immunoglobulin is required.

The solution is administered intramuscularly:

  • for prophylaxis in the prenatal period, a single dose of 1250 IU (250 μg) is administered at 28-30 weeks; or twice injected at 1250 ME – at 28 and 34 weeks of pregnancy;
  • for postpartum prophylaxis, 1250 IU is administered once for 72 hours after childbirth;
  • in case of artificial interruption (including ectopic) pregnancy – immediately after the operation, 1250 ME is injected once;
  • in case of spontaneous abortion or the threat of miscarriage – 1250 IU (250 μg) is injected once;
  • in case of amniocentesis, injuries of the abdominal organs in the II and / or III trimesters of pregnancy – 1250 ME is injected once immediately after the end of the operation.

Not described.

Side effects:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders: arthralgia.
  • Dermatological disorders: skin rash, erythema, itching.
  • Digestive disorders: nausea, vomiting.
  • Cardiovascular disorders: arterial hypotension, tachycardia.
  • Neurological disorders: headache.
  • Immune disorders: anaphylactic reactions, angioedema, allergic dermatitis, urticaria.
  • Reactions at the injection site: itching, soreness, edema, erythema, redness, induration, rash.
  • General: malaise, fever, chills.

Storage conditions and periods
Store Rezonativ for no more than 2.5 years at temperatures from +2 to +8 ° C.
Parents are obliged to ensure the safety of children by excluding the possibility of their access to medicine