Ringer (sodium chloride, potassium chloride) solution for infusions 200 ml.


Correction of violations of water-electrolyte balance in dehydration due to loss of fluid in diarrhea, insufficient intake of fluid in the body, bile and intestinal fistulas; restoration of water-electrolyte balance in the preparation of patients for surgery and in the postoperative period. Metabolic acidosis.



Composition and form of release Ringer
Main active ingredient: sodium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium lactate, calcium chloride.
Auxiliary components – water for injection.
Available in the form of an injection solution, in a volume of 400 ml.
100 ml of the drug contains 0.602 grams of sodium chloride, 0.0373 mg of potassium chloride, 0.3138 grams of sodium lactate, 0.0294 grams of calcium chloride.

Pharmacological properties
This drug belongs to a group of pharmaceuticals – combinations of salt formulations that are recommended for use as a rehydrating agent.

The main active ingredients are sodium, calcium and potassium chloride salts.
This osmotic solution is made in full accordance with the advice that the World Health Organization recommends for use in case of intoxication and subsequent dehydration.
A saline solution is prepared from the drug in question, which is usually used in order to correct the loss of electrolytes by cells, as well as fluid, lost during diarrhea.
Due to the balanced composition, the absorption of the taken sodium and potassium salts increases, and the substances in the composition help to adjust the balance, which helps to prevent metabolic acidosis in the patient.

Indications Ringer
This drug is used for:

  • hypovolemia and extracellular dehydration due to prolonged vomiting, diarrhea, extensive burns, frostbite, peritonitis, severe infectious diseases, shock, collapse;
  • during and after operations;
  • metabolic acidosis.
  • Used to dilute concentrated electrolyte solutions.

The drug in question is contraindicated for use in cases where the patient has severe hypersensitivity (allergy) to the main or one of the auxiliary components.
Also contraindicated for:

  • hypervolemia, heart failure, severe forms of arterial hypertension, thrombophlebitis;
  • oliguria, anuria, edema, incl. brain and lungs;
  • hypernatremia, hyperkalemia, hyperchloremia, hypercalcemia;
  • metabolic alkalosis and severe forms of metabolic acidosis.

Application during pregnancy and lactation
This drug should not be used when treating pregnant women.
If it is necessary to take the drug during breastfeeding, lactation is suspended.

Method of administration and dosage
The drug is intended for intravenous infusion using a dropper.
Recommended dosages (depending on age, body weight, patient’s condition, kidney function, concomitant diseases) – about 2.5 liters per day (maximum – 40 ml per 1 kg of patient weight per day).
The rate of administration is from 60 drops per minute, in special cases – jet.
The duration of treatment is limited by the need for its use, in case of fluid loss and to replace intracellular fluid loss.

Overdose can cause hypernatremia, hypercalcemia, or hyperkalemia.
Metabolic alkalosis can also occur with impaired renal function.
An overdose manifests itself in the form of symptoms:

  • weakness;
  • neuromuscular arousal;
  • drowsiness, confusion;
  • seizures;
  • coma, respiratory arrest.

In case of an overdose, the drug is discontinued. A doctor should be consulted to correct fluid and electrolyte balance.

Perhaps the use of hemodialysis, taking vitamin D.

Side effects
Usually, if the dose is not exceeded, then side effects do not occur. In some cases, side effects are possible in the form of:

  • allergic reactions – itching, rash, allergic urticaria;
  • phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, and other types of local reactions at the injection site;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • hypervolemia, coughing, sneezing;
  • panic attacks;
  • imbalance of electrolytes.

Storage conditions and periods
Expiration date – up to 5 years from the production date indicated on the package.
Storage Ringer temperature – no higher than 25 ° С.