Rhodiola (Rhodiolae radix) extract jidci 25 ml. vial


Asthenic conditions, increased fatigue, neurasthenia, vegetative- vascular dystonia, period of convalescence, decreased performance.

Category: Manufacturer: Ukraine


active substance: liquid extract from the rhizomes with the roots of Rhodiola rosea (Rhodiolae radix);
1 vial of the drug contains a liquid extract from the rhizomes with the roots of Rhodiola rosea (Rhodiolae radix) (1: 1) (extractant – ethanol 40%) 25 mll.

Dosage form
The extract is liquid.

Pharmacological properties
Rhodiola liquid extract belongs to the group of tonics, is characterized by adaptogenic properties due to the content in the rhizomes with roots of organic acids, tannins, beta-sitosterol, two crystalline substances: n-oxyphenyl-β-ethanol n-tyrosine and its glycoside n-γ-oxy – (β-α glucopyranoside) -ethanol rhodiolyside.
The drug increases the body’s resistance to adverse factors (hypothermia, overheating, oxygen starvation, various stresses), relieves mental stress, increases mental and physical performance by optimizing energy processes and stimulating the functions of the central nervous system. Experimental data on the antiarrhythmic effect of rhodiola liquid extract were obtained.

Asthenic conditions, increased fatigue, neurasthenia, vascular dystonia, convalescence, reduced efficiency.

Hypertension, fever, hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, pregnancy, breastfeeding, childhood (up to 18 years).

Method of application and dosage
The drug is administered orally to adults 5-10 drops 2-3 times a day 10 minutes before meals. In asthenia, in psychiatric practice, first prescribe 10 drops 2-3 times a day, gradually increasing the dose to 30-40 drops per reception. The duration of treatment is 1-2 months.

Do not prescribe to children (under 18 years).

To date, no information on cases of overdose has been received. Excessive excitability is possible, at which it is recommended to cancel the drug.

Side effects:

  • From the central nervous system: irritability, insomnia, headache.
  • From the cardiovascular system: increase in blood pressure.
  • There may be cases of hypersensitivity to the drug, which requires desensitization therapy.
  • Laboratory tests: hypoglycemia.

In case of adverse symptoms, consult a doctor.

Expiration date
5 years.
Do not use the drug after the expiration date indicated on the package.

Storage conditions
Store in the original package at a temperature not exceeding 25 º C.
Keep out of reach of children.