Scinoren (azelaic acid) gel 15% 30 g. tube


Treatment of papulopustular forms of acne on the face of mild or moderate severity, papulopustular forms of rosacea.

Category: Manufacturer: Italy


Composition and form of release
In 1 g of gel there is about 0.15 g of azelaic acid – which is expressed as a key functioning element. It is white or yellowish-white in color. The gel is produced in packs of 30 grams.

Pharmacological properties
Skinoren is a substance specialized in the treatment of acne and rosacea, made on the basis of azelaic acid. The product is not toxic, after applying the drug to large areas of the skin under the bandage, no unwanted effects were observed.
Only 3.6% of the active substance of Skinoren is absorbed into the single bloodstream and excreted by the kidneys in its original form and in the form of metabolites.

Skinoren in the form of a gel is used to treat non-inflammatory and inflammatory types of acne, as well as papulopustular rosacea.
It is advisable to use the cream when treating acne patients.
The practice of treating melasma with cream is highly likely.

The product is not used to treat patients with renowned hypersensitivity and allergic reactions to the components of the drug or auxiliary ingredients of the cream or gel.
In pediatrics, for the treatment of children, the drug is recommended to be used only after 12 years.

Application during pregnancy and lactation
It is not recommended to use the preprata during these periods, regardless of the form of release. In extreme cases, it is prescribed under the watchful supervision of a doctor and is used very carefully.

Method of administration and dosage
The medicine is intended for external use only.
Before applying the cream or gel, the skin should be rinsed under running water and dried with a clean, lint-free towel.
The drug is applied in a very thin layer to the inflamed or eczema-affected areas. It should be gently rubbed into the skin when applying the preparation.
The product should be used carefully and sparingly – it is effective at low doses and even a part of a cream or gel, the length of a phalanx of the drug’s finger, is enough to treat the entire face.
The scheme and duration of use should be prescribed by the attending dermatologist.
Usually Skinoren cream or gel is applied to the skin once or twice a day. If irritation or other unpleasant sensations appear at the site of application of the drug, the frequency of using Skinoren should be reduced. In the most pronounced adverse reactions, it is necessary to interrupt the use of the medication for several days.
Usually Skinoren is used for a long time for many months and even about a year. The minimum period for using cream or gel is 3 months.
To get the maximum effect from the treatment and prevent exacerbations, you can use sunscreens in combination.

No toxic poisoning of the body was observed when using a large amount of the drug externally, as well as with a one-time accidental oral administration of the drug.

Side effects
Skinoren has no tendency and substances in the composition that cause side or unwanted reactions.
Only isolated cases of individual intolerance were recorded – itching, burning or irritation appeared at the places of application. Usually, these unpleasant symptoms disappear after the end of treatment or a pause in terpapia.
By the end or in the course of therapy, unwanted effects are canceled out on their own.

Storage conditions
Strict temperature regime – from 15 to 25 C in a dark dry place. The gel is valid for 3 years from the date of production, the cream – within 5 years.
Production times are indicated on the packaging.