Silfon Gemoplast corrugated cylinder 500 ml, №1


Manufacturer: Ukraine

Designed for low-vacuum drainage of the surgical intervention area in cases where discharge is expected (surgery of the ear, throat, nose, neck, hand, pediatric surgery, small sutured soft tissue defects, cysts).


Silfon Gemoplast corrugated cylinder 500 ml, №1

Silfon Gemoplast (bellows – accordion) is a corrugated balloon designed for active low-vacuum drainage of surgical wounds and purulent cavities. The bellows is one of the elements of the drainage system, the vacuum effect is created by attaching the drainage unit to the compressed bellows balloon.

Volume: 500 ml.


For drainage manipulations.


  • the walls of the bellows are transparent to visualize the fullness of the balloon;
  • the bellows is resistant to chemical disinfection – hydrogen peroxide;
  • sterile.


Do not use if the integrity of the consumer container is violated.

Shelf life

3 years.