Silicea gel (silica) 2 g. tube


Silicea Herpes Gel is applied externally: against burning and itching of the priperpesis on the lips (Herpeslabialis); to dry the bubbles and prevent the spread of their infectious secret



2 g of Silicea gel contains: 1.9 g of silicic acid gel.
Excipients: hydrolyte, carrageenan, α-bisabolol, potassium sorbate, citric acid.
Release form
Gel tube 2 g.
Recommendations for use
Silicea gel for herpes on the lips is a remedy for medical cosmetics. Mineral gel based on silicic acid.
Herpes gel on the lips of Silicea is used externally:

  • from burning and itching with herpes on the lips (Herpes labialis);
  • to dry the bubbles and prevent the spread of their infectious secretions.

Mode of application
Children and adults should apply Silicea gel to the affected areas on the lips as often as required (up to 5 times a day) already at the first signs of herpes (“goosebumps” on the skin, distention, burning and itching) and until the bubbles will not heal completely. In case of unsuccessful use within 10 days, consult a doctor. Silicea gel should be applied with an ordinary cosmetic cotton swab or with a clean fingertip, gently, in a thin layer on the affected areas of the lips.
For hygiene reasons and to prevent infection, hands should be thoroughly washed before and after applying the gel. It is advisable that only one person uses one tube. After use, it is recommended to wipe the opening of the tube dry and close the lid.

  • do not scratch the bubbles (their secret is very contagious);
  • do not share objects in contact with lips (cups, towels, etc.);
  • do not kiss or touch the lips of children.

Unknown. Do not use the gel if you are hypersensitive (allergic) to any of its ingredients.
Side effects
Not identified. After the gel dries, a white tightening surface may form. This is a sign of drying out of the herpes bladder.
Storage conditions
At temperatures up to 25 ° C. Do not freeze! After opening the tube, it is suitable for no more than 6 months.