Sinecod (citrate butamirate) drops 5 mg/ml. 20 ml. vial


Sinecode is used for the symptomatic treatment of cough of various origins. Sinecode is a non-opioid central antitussive drug. Butamirate dihydrocytrate has an anticholinergic and antispasmodic effect, inhibits cough and improves respiratory function. It is not addictive or addictive.

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Composition and form of release
Sinekod is produced in drops for oral administration. The active ingredient is citrate butamirate.
Sinekod is used in the treatment of a non-productive, wasting cough. It is prescribed for the treatment of dry, debilitating cough with whooping cough, cough of smokers and dry cough that occurs with infectious and inflammatory lesions of the respiratory system.
Such use of Sinekod is advisable for suppressing the cough reflex during diagnostic studies (for example, bronchoscopy) and surgical treatment of the respiratory system.
Sinekod is not used for hypersensitivity to butamirate citrate, pulmonary hemorrhage, the first trimester of pregnancy and lactation.
Sinecode in syrup is not used in the treatment of children under three years of age, and in drops – under 2 months.
The drug is used with caution in the therapy of women in the II and III trimesters of pregnancy, as well as in patients who have a history of drug or alcohol dependence, liver disease, epilepsy and brain damage, since the drug contains ethyl alcohol.
Application during pregnancy and lactation
Due to the fact that no studies have been conducted on the effect of Sinekod on fetal development, its use in the therapy of the first trimester of pregnancy is impossible. The use of Sinekod in the II and III trimesters is possible only with a careful balance of benefits and harms from its use.
The appointment of Sinekod during lactation is possible only after refusal to breastfeed, since it is not known whether butamirate citrate is able or not to penetrate into breast milk and what effect it can have on the development of the newborn.
Method of administration and dosage
It is recommended to use Sinecod in drops and syrup before meals. Before taking a drop, it is recommended to dissolve it in a small amount of water. The duration of treatment and the dose of the drug is determined by the doctor.
When using drops, children from 2 months to 1 year take 10 drops, from a year to 3 years – 15 drops four times a day. Children over 3 years old, as well as adolescents and adults, should take 25 drops four times a day.
When taking Sinekod in high doses, it is possible to develop nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, severe drowsiness, dizziness, lowering blood pressure and loss of consciousness.
In case of an overdose, gastric lavage is carried out, an abundant drink and activated carbon are provided. Also, the patient was shown the appointment of osmotic laxatives and symptomatic treatment.
Side effects
When taking Sinekod, some patients develop fatigue, headaches, dyspeptic disorders, sleep disorders and allergic reactions.
Storage conditions and periods
Store the Sinekod preparation in a cool dark place. The shelf life of the drug in drops is 5 years.