Sondox (doxylamine succinate) tablets 15 mg №10


Antihistamines for systemic use. Periodic and transient insomnia.



Composition and form of release
The active ingredient in this medication is doxylamine succinate.
Sondox is produced in the form of tablets. One tablet contains 15 mg of active substance.
Pharmacological properties
This is a medication with sedative (sedative) and atropine-like effects. It helps to improve the quality, duration of sleep, as well as reduce the time it takes to fall asleep.
Sondox is prescribed for patients with transient (intermittent) insomnia.
It is forbidden to use Sondox in patients with hypersensitivity to doxylamine succinate or other antihistamines, intolerance to excipients
This medicine is not used for angle-closure glaucoma, urethroprostatic disorders with the threat of urine retention (urinary retention).
The tablets are not used to treat children under fifteen years of age.
Application during pregnancy and lactation
The use of this medicinal product for the treatment of pregnant women is allowed only after consultation with the treating doctor.
It is not known whether the active substance (doxylamine) is able to penetrate into breast milk; therefore, Sondox should not be used during breastfeeding.
Method of administration and dosage
Sondox is intended for oral (oral) use. The drug is taken at night fifteen to thirty minutes before bedtime.
The recommended dose is 7.5-15 mg / day (1 / 2-1 tablet). If necessary, the dose may be increased to 30 mg / day (2 tablets). The duration of the treatment course is two to five days.
If insomnia persists for more than 5 days against the background of the use of this pharmaceutical agent, it is necessary to consult with your doctor regarding the advisability of its further use.
It is important to avoid the use of alcohol, medicines containing ethanol during treatment with this medicine.
The first manifestations of acute poisoning with this drug are dilated pupils, agitation / drowsiness, accommodation paralysis, hyperthermia, dry mouth, sinus tachycardia, hyperemia (redness) of the neck and face. Children may also have hallucinations, delirium, and athetosis. Seizures are a rare manifestation of severe overdose. Rhabdomyolysis, acute kidney failure are possible.
In case of an overdose with Sondox, hospitalization of the patient, the appointment of enterosorbents, and symptomatic treatment are indicated.
Side effects
Rarely, against the background of treatment with this drug, anticholinergic phenomena develop – a strong heartbeat, a feeling of dry mouth, constipation, and a violation of accommodation. In addition, daytime sleepiness is a side effect that can develop due to the use of Sondox. In the event of such a side effect, it is required to lower the dose of the medicine.
Allergies may develop (the appearance of itching, skin rashes, the development of angioedema, shock).
If any undesirable effects are noted while taking the medication, you need to stop using it, immediately consult a doctor.
Storage conditions and periods
Store Sondox tablets in their original, undamaged packaging.
It is necessary to store this medicinal product out of the reach of the child.
Recommended temperature storage conditions for this preparation: from +15 to +25 ° С.
The shelf life of this pharmaceutical product is five years. It is forbidden to use this medicine after the expiry date indicated on the package.