Sonnix (doxylamine succinate) coated tablets 15 mg. №30


Periodic insomnia in adults. Antihistamines for systemic use.



Composition and form of release
Active ingredient: doxylamine succinate.
Dreamniks is produced in the form of tablets. One tablet contains 15 mg of active substance.
Pharmacological properties
It is a sedative (anti-anxiety) medicine. Acts by blocking histamine H1 receptors. The drug helps to reduce the time required to fall asleep, improve the quality and duration of sleep.
The dream book is used in patients with transient / intermittent insomnia.
You can not use Dreamniks to persons with hypersensitivity to it or other antihistamines. This medicine is not used for urethroprostatic disorders with the threat of urine retention (urinary retention), as well as angle-closure glaucoma.
It is forbidden to use Sonnix tablets to treat children under fifteen years of age.
Since the tablets contain lactose, they are contraindicated in cases of congenital galactosemia, lactase deficiency, and impaired glucose / galactose absorption syndrome.
It should be used with caution in elderly patients (risk of dizziness).
Application during pregnancy and lactation
The use of this pharmaceutical agent is contraindicated during pregnancy.
It is not known whether the active substance is capable of penetrating into breast milk; therefore, it cannot be used during breastfeeding.
Method of administration and dosage
The dream book is intended for oral (oral) use. The medicine should be taken fifteen to thirty minutes before bedtime. To avoid sleepiness during the day, it should be borne in mind that the duration of sleep after taking the medication should be at least 7 hours.
The recommended dose is 7.5–15 mg / day (1/2–1 tablet). If necessary, the dose may be increased to 30 milligrams / day (two tablets).
The duration of a standard course of therapy is two to five days.
If insomnia persists for more than five days while taking the medication, you should consult your doctor regarding the appropriateness of its further use.
It is necessary to avoid the use of drugs containing ethanol or alcohol during treatment.
The first manifestations of an acute overdose of this drug are drowsiness / agitation, accommodation paralysis, dilated pupils, dry mouth, sinus tachycardia, hyperemia (redness) of the neck and face, hyperthermia. Children may also have athetosis, hallucinations, and delirium. Rarely (with severe overdose), convulsions, rhabdomyolysis, and acute renal failure may develop.
In case of an overdose, hospitalization of the patient, the supply of enterosorbents to him, and symptomatic treatment are indicated. According to indications, anticonvulsants and artificial ventilation are used.
Side effects
On the background of treatment with Sonnix, anticholinergic phenomena can be observed – palpitations, dry mouth, constipation, violation of accommodation.
The drug can exacerbate sleep apnea syndrome (increase the number, duration of respiratory arrest).
Daytime sleepiness may also develop. If such an adverse reaction occurs, it is required to lower the dose of the medication.
Allergic manifestations are possible, including the appearance of skin rashes, itching.
If during treatment there are any undesirable phenomena, you should stop using this drug, immediately consult a doctor.
Storage conditions and periods
The tablets must be stored in their original, undamaged packaging.
Recommended temperature conditions: up to + 25 ° С.
The Dreamnix has a shelf life of three years. Do not use this medicine after the expiry date indicated on the package.
Store this drug out of the reach of a child.