Sorbentogel (methylsilicic acid hydrogel) gel 0.7g/g 135 g.


As part of complex detoxification therapy in chronic renal failure; in toxic hepatitis, viral hepatitis A, B, cirrhosis and cholestasis of different etiology; in enterocolitis, colitis, diarrhea, gastritis with low acidity, alcohol and drug poisoning; at allergic and skin diseases (diathesis, neurodermatitis); at burn intoxication; in purulent-septic and inflammatory processes, which are accompanied by intoxication; at toxicosis of pregnant women of the first half of pregnancy; in complex therapy of intestinal dysbiosis.



Composition and form of release
Active ingredient: methylsilicic acid hydrogel.
Sorbentogel is produced in the form of a gel for oral administration.
Pharmacological properties
It is an enterosorbent – a means that binds toxic substances of various natures, products of incomplete metabolism, incorporated radionuclides, causative agents of diseases in the gastrointestinal tract, with subsequent excretion from the body in a natural way. Absorbs toxic substances that are formed in the gastrointestinal tract, as well as those that have entered the digestive tract from the environment. In addition, the drug prevents the reabsorption of toxic substances released into the lumen of the intestine from the blood or entered with bile, binds and removes rotaviruses, pathogenic bacteria. Eliminates the manifestations of toxicosis, normalizes the indices of urine and blood, improves the function of the intestines, kidneys, liver.
Sorbentogel is used:

  • as part of complex detoxification therapy for toxic hepatitis, chronic renal failure, viral hepatitis, cholestasis of various etiologies, liver cirrhosis, colitis, enterocolitis, diarrhea, gastritis with low acidity;
  • in case of poisoning with drugs, alcohol;
  • with allergic, skin diseases (neurodermatitis, diathesis);
  • with toxicosis of the first half of pregnancy;
  • with inflammatory, purulent-septic processes, accompanied by severe intoxication;
  • with burn intoxication;
  • in the complex therapy of intestinal dysbiosis.

Sorbentogel is not used:

  • with intolerance to the components;
  • with acute intestinal obstruction.

Application during pregnancy and lactation
Sorbentogel can be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women. Use should be limited in pregnant women with a tendency to constipation.
Method of administration and dosage
Sorbentogel is used orally three times a day for 1.5-2 hours before or two hours after meals, medication. The drug should be taken with plenty of water.
A single dose for adults, children from 14 years old is 15 g (one tablespoon), the daily dose is 45 g.
Single dose for children from birth to 5 years old – 5 g (one teaspoon), daily dose – 15 g. Single dose for children 5-14 years old – 10 g (one dessert spoon), daily dose – 30 g.
The standard course of treatment is 7-14 days.
In a severe course of the disease, it is allowed to use a double single dose in the first three days, and in a chronic course (for example, with chronic renal failure), a longer use of the drug is allowed (up to one month).
Overdose may increase the side effects described below.
If the dose is significantly exceeded or signs of an overdose are detected, it is recommended to stop taking the drug and seek medical help.
Treatment of an overdose involves discontinuing the drug, taking a large amount of liquid, symptomatic therapy.
Side effects
In the first days of admission, it is possible to develop constipation, dyspeptic symptoms. To prevent constipation in the first two days of admission, it is recommended to carry out a cleansing enema at night or to prescribe laxatives (sodium picosulfate, lactulose).
Storage conditions and periods
Store Sorbentogel out of the reach of a child in its original packaging at temperatures up to +25 ° C.
The shelf life is two years.
It is forbidden to use after the expiration date indicated on the package.
Parents are obliged to ensure the safety of children, excluding the possibility of their access to medicine.