Sorbex (activated carbon) capsules 0.25 g. №20


Manufacturer: Ukraine

Sorbex is used: for chronic poisoning with household and industrial toxins, food, drugs, alcohol and food overload in order to reduce absorption, prevent further absorption and accelerate the removal of toxic substances from the body.


Sorbex (activated carbon) capsules 0.25 g. №20


Pharmacological properties

Enterosorbent, has a detoxifying effect. The active ingredient is activated carbon, a plant substance that has a developed active surface. The pharmaceutical product is capable of adsorbing toxic liquid compounds and gases formed and accumulated in chronic / acute diseases or penetrating into the body from the external environment.


Sorbex is used for:

  • chronic poisoning with industrial / household toxins (salts of heavy metals, alkaloids, etc.), drugs, food, as well as with alcohol and food overloads to reduce and prevent further adsorption (absorption) of toxic substances and accelerate their elimination (removal) from the body;
  • exposure to harmful production factors, living in unfavorable environmental conditions, changing the usual way of eating (for example, while traveling, business trips).

Sorbex is also used as an adjuvant therapy for:

  • infectious diseases (intestinal infections, chronic / acute viral hepatitis);
  • disorders of the digestive tract (flatulence, dyspepsia);
  • diseases that are accompanied by endogenous intoxication, in particular, with chronic / acute lesions of the kidneys, liver, allergic, oncological and autoimmune pathologies, as well as with hypercholesterolemia (increased blood cholesterol concentration).


Sorbex is prohibited in case of hypersensitivity to it, exacerbation of ulcerative / erosive lesions of the digestive tract, intestinal obstruction, bleeding from the digestive tract.
Also, Sorbex should not be used for children under seven years old.

Application during pregnancy and lactation

There are no data on the negative effects of Sorbex during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Method of administration and dosage

For dyspepsia and flatulence, adult patients are shown to use one to three Sorbex capsules three to four times / day.
In case of intoxication, poisoning, adults use two to six capsules of this pharmaceutical agent three times / day.
Children over seven years old use one to three Sorbex capsules three to four times / day.
Sorbex capsules should be taken two hours before or after meals / other medications. The drug is washed down with water.
The duration of the use of this pharmaceutical agent in acute conditions is usually three to five days; in chronic pathologies that are caused by endogenous intoxication, as a rule, it is used for ten to fifteen days.


An overdose of this pharmaceutical product is characterized by manifestations such as nausea, constipation, vomiting.

Side effects

During treatment with Sorbex, patients may experience nausea, manifestations of hypersensitivity, vomiting. Long-term use may be accompanied by digestive disorders (constipation / diarrhea), which are eliminated by discontinuing the use of this pharmaceutical product and carrying out symptomatic treatment.
With prolonged use of Sorbex (longer than fifteen days), malabsorption and deficiency of fats, vitamins, and proteins may develop.