Subalin (bacillus subtilis) powder №10 vial


Helps normalize intestinal microflora, reduce the level of endogenous intoxication, prevents dysbiosis and corrects it, increases the body’s resistance to viral infections.



Composition and form of release
The main active substances: spores and live microbial cells of Bacillus subtilis – not less than 1×109 CFU.
Excipients: fructose, silicon dioxide, crystalline sugar (sucrose).
Sold in vials containing 1 dose of the drug.
Pharmacological properties
This drug belongs to agents of biological origin that regulate the balance of intestinal microflora.
The active substance of the drug is the live bacteria Bacillus subtilis. They possess high antagonistic activity against pathogenic and opportunistic microorganisms. Thanks to this property, they are able to normalize qualitatively and quantitatively the composition of the intestinal microflora. In addition, they exhibit pronounced antiviral activity due to the synthesis of α-2 interferon.
The drug is used to prevent and correct dysbiosis, reduce external intoxication, and increase the body’s immune properties to viral infections. The drug can be used in parallel with antibiotic therapy.
The drug is prescribed for the treatment of the following diseases:

  • acute bacterial intestinal infections, including acute dysentery, salmonellosis, etc.;
    dysbiosis of various etiologies;
  • for the prevention and treatment of complications caused by pathogenic and opportunistic microorganisms.

The drug in question is contraindicated for use in cases where the patient has severe hypersensitivity (allergy) to the main or one of the auxiliary components.
In pediatrics, the drug is used starting from the neonatal period.
Application during pregnancy and lactation
This drug is not allowed to be used by pregnant women – only under strict indications determined by the attending physician.
If it is necessary to take the drug during breastfeeding, lactation is suspended.
Method of administration and dosage
The drug is taken orally as a solution 30-40 minutes before meals. The contents of the vial are dissolved in 50-100 ml of boiled water cooled to room temperature. The additive is dissolved within 1-2 minutes until a suspension is formed.
For children, the drug is prescribed from birth, 1 vial 2 times a day.
Adults take the medicine 2 vials 2-3 times a day. It is advisable for adults to use the drug in a dose of 2 x 109 live microbial cells of Bacillus subtilis.
The drug must not be diluted with hot liquid! Storage after dissolution is inadmissible.
The recommended course of treatment is 20 days.
The drug is recommended for use as a dietary supplement to the diet in order to normalize the intestinal microflora and improve its functional state in situations associated with an increased risk of intestinal disorders, including when changing the diet, moving, travel; to improve digestion, increase immunity and overall body resistance to infections of the respiratory tract and gastrointestinal tract, prevent dysbiosis and antibiotic-associated diarrhea while taking antibiotics.
Overdose cases were not recorded.
Side effects
The drug is usually well tolerated when used in the recommended doses.
The following disorders can be observed as side effects:

  • rash;
  • itching;
  • chills;
  • stomach ache;
  • nausea, diarrhea.

Storage conditions and periods
Expiration date – up to 2 years from the production date indicated on the package. Storage periods should not be exceeded.
Storage temperature should not exceed 25 ° C. Temperature deviations can change the properties of the preparation, therefore it should always be stored in its original packaging.