SuperOptic Aqua (sodium hyaluronate) eye drops 5 ml. vial №2


SuperOptic Aqua – moisturizing eye drops that provide effective and long-lasting moisturizing of the eyes. SuperOptic Aqua eliminates dryness, irritation, fatigue and sand in the eyes: when exposed to irritating environmental factors such as dust, smoke, UV radiation, high indoor temperature (eg central heating, saunas), air conditioning air, wind, chlorinated water, cosmetics; when the frequency of blinking is reduced, due to prolonged TV viewing, reading, working at a computer or driving a car; in the reduction or disruption of the lacrimal fluid, including dry eye syndrome, as well as age-related changes in persons over 40 years of age; when using contact lenses.



Release form, composition
Superoptic Aqua is produced in the form of moisturizing eye drops.
The composition of 1 ml of solution contains the following components: sodium hyaluronate (1.0 mg), sodium chloride (8.7 mg), sodium phosphate (1.1 mg), sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate (0.7 mg), hydrated sodium perborate ( 0.2 mg), 25% solution of heptane sodium salt, diethylenetriaminepentamethylenephosphonic acid (0.03 mg), purified water (up to 1 ml).
A cardboard box contains 1 or 2 dropper bottles, 5 ml each, screwed with a lid and with a first opening control.
Pharmacological properties
Superoptic Aqua provides long-term and effective hydration of the eyes.
Moisturizing eye drops help relieve irritation, dryness, fatigue and grit in the eyes.
Always consult with an ophthalmologist before use.
Indications for use
Superoptic Aqua preparation for moisturizing the eyes when exposed to irritating and unfavorable environmental factors:

  • dust, UV radiation, smoke, high room temperature (central heating, heaters, saunas, etc.);
  • air conditioning, chlorinated water, wind, cosmetics;
  • Long time spent reading, watching TV, driving a car, or working at a computer;
  • dry eye syndrome;
  • use of contact lenses;
  • age-related changes in persons over 40 years old.

The drug Superoptic Aqua, as a rule, is well tolerated, but nevertheless, the use is contraindicated for persons with individual immunity of the components of the drug. For children, drops are used only upon the recommendation of a doctor.
Pregnancy and breastfeeding period
You can use Superoptic Aqua during pregnancy and lactation only after consulting your doctor.
Mode of application
Superoptic Aqua is intended for eye instillation.
Drops are instilled into the conjunctival sac in a dose of 1-2 drops 3-5 times a day or as needed.
Before use, you need to wash your hands, then remove the cap from the bottle without touching the dispensing tip, so as not to cause contamination of the contents of the bottle.
Tilting your head back a little, you should take the lower eyelid with your finger and drip drops into the conjunctival sac. Then you need to close your eyes so that the solution is distributed evenly over the surface of the eye. Then repeat the procedure to instill the second eye.
No cases of intoxication with Superoptic Aqua were observed.
If the recommended daily doses are observed, there can be no drug overdose.
Adverse reactions
Side effects when using Superoptic Aqua can manifest as a burning sensation, conjunctival redness or temporary blurred vision. If irritation or prolonged discomfort occurs when using the drug, therapy should be discontinued and an ophthalmologist should be consulted.
Storage conditions
Store Superoptic Aqua at a temperature not exceeding +25 ° C and in a place that children have no access to.
The shelf life of drops is 24 months. After opening the bottle, use within 2 months.