Taufon eye drops 40 mg/ml. 5 ml. №3


Dystrophic lesions of the cornea and retina, including hereditary and 5-degenerative degenerations; cataracts (age, diabetic, traumatic, radiation); as a means of stimulating reparative processes in corneal injuries; open-angle glaucoma (as an additional remedy).



active substance: taurine;
1 ml of solution contains 40 mg of taurine;
Excipients: methyl parahydroxybenzoate (nipagin) (E 218), purified water.
Dosage form
Eye drops.
Basic physical and chemical properties: colorless transparent liquid.
Pharmacological properties
Taufon contains taurine – a sulfur-containing amino acid formed in the body during the conversion of cysteine. Taurine is involved in the synthesis of plastic material, thereby stimulating reparative and regenerative processes in dystrophic eye diseases and / or in pathological processes accompanied by a sharp violation of the metabolism of ocular tissues, including eye injuries. Contributes to the normalization of cell membrane functions, optimization of energy and metabolic processes, maintaining the stability of the electrolyte composition of the cytoplasm of cells, inhibiting synaptic transmission.
Dystrophic lesions of the cornea and retina, including hereditary tapetoretinal degeneration;
cataracts (age, diabetic, traumatic, radiation);
as a means of stimulating reparative processes in corneal injuries;
open-angle glaucoma (as an additional tool).
Hypersensitivity to taurine or to other components of the drug.
Interaction with other medicinal products and other forms of interaction
At simultaneous use with eye drops of timolol the potentiated decrease in intraocular and arterial pressure is observed.
At simultaneous appointment of several medicines for local application in an eye it is necessary to enter them with an interval of 10-15 minutes. Eye ointments should be applied last.
Features of application
In open-angle glaucoma, the drug should be used in combination with timolol 20-30 minutes before instillation of timolol.
Use during pregnancy or breastfeeding
Efficacy and safety of the drug during pregnancy or breastfeeding have not been studied.
Ability to influence the speed of reaction when driving a car or working with other mechanisms
The effect of the drug on the human body while driving or operating other machinery has not been studied.
As with other topical ophthalmic drugs, temporary blurred vision or other visual disturbances may affect the ability to drive or use machines. If blurred vision occurs during instillation, the patient should wait until vision is clear before driving or operating machinery.
Method of application and dosage
The drug should be prescribed to adults. Immediately before use, it is desirable to hold the vial with the drug in the palm of your hand to warm it to body temperature.
For the treatment of cataracts appoint 2-3 drops 2-4 times a day daily. The treatment period is 3 months. Repeat the course at intervals of 1 month.
At injuries to apply on 2-3 drops 2-4 times a day within 1 month.
For the treatment of tapetoretinal degeneration and other dystrophic diseases of the retina, penetrating injuries of the cornea, the drug is administered under the conjunctiva in 0.3 ml of 4% solution once a day for 10 days. Repeat the course of treatment in 6-8 months.
In open-angle glaucoma, instill 2-3 drops in the conjunctival sac 2 times a day for 20-30 minutes before using timolol. The course of treatment is determined by the doctor individually.
Efficacy and safety of the drug in children have not been studied.
Cases of overdose are not described.
Side effects
Some patients may develop allergic reactions, conjunctival hyperemia, itching, burning and tingling in the eyes.
Expiration date
4 years.
The shelf life of the solution after opening the vial is 14 days.
Storage conditions
Store at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C in the original package.
Keep out of reach of children.