Thiamine chloride ampoules 5% 1ml. №10


Manufacturer: Ukraine



Hypo- and avitaminosis B1 (including patients undergoing probe feeding, hemodialysis, suffering from malabsorption syndrome). As a part of complex therapy: neuritis, polyneuritis, radiculitis, neuralgia, peripheral paresis and paralysis, diabetic neuropathies, Wernicke-Korsakov’s encephalopathy, chronic alcoholism, alcoholic neuropathies, chronic liver lesions, intoxications of cataracts, intoxicardiograms duodenum, atonic constipation, bowel atony, thyrotoxicosis, diabetes mellitus, endarteritis, dermatoses (eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, red squamous) with neutrophils with mines and metabolic disorders. Prolonged physical and mental stress.