Tiotriazolin eye drops 1% 5 ml. vial


Injuries and burns of the eyeball, inflammatory dystrophic diseases of the cornea, viral conjunctivitis. To prevent eye inflammation, reduce the manifestation of visual asthenopia in people working with personal computers.



active substance: thiotriazoline;
1 ml of solution contains thiotriazoline in terms of 100% of the substance 10 mg; 1 ml of solution contains 20 drops;
excipients: sodium chloride, methylcellulose, purified water.
Dosage form
Eye drops.
Main physical and chemical properties: slightly opalescent, colorless or with a slightly yellowish tinge.
Pharmacological properties
The pharmacological effect of thiotriazoline is due to the activation of the antioxidant system of enzymes and inhibition of lipid peroxidation processes in ischemic areas of eye tissues, reducing the severity of neurotrophic disorders, increasing the intensity and speed of reparative processes, reducing inflammatory reaction of the tissue. The drug promotes early recovery of corneal sensitivity, the formation of a more delicate turbidity, significantly reduces the number of various complications, reduces the manifestations of visual asthenopia, improves the functional performance of the accommodation muscle and central retina, which improves the functional ability of the eyes.
Injuries and burns of the eyeball, inflammatory degenerative diseases of the cornea, viral conjunctivitis. To prevent eye inflammation, reduce the appearance of visual asthenopia in people who work with personal computers.
Hypersensitivity to the drug.
Use during pregnancy or breastfeeding
There are no contraindications.
Ability to influence the speed of reaction when driving a car or other machinery
Does not affect.
Method of application and dosage
The drug is prescribed from the first days of the disease in the form of instillation of 2 drops 3-4 times a day in the conjunctival sac of the affected eye.
For severe lesions of the instillation, it is recommended to combine with subconjunctival or parabulbar injections 0.5 ml of 1% solution once a day for 7-12 days. Instillations of thiotriazoline are carried out for 14-15 days. If necessary, the course of treatment can be extended up to 30 days.
People who work on personal computers, the drug is prescribed in the form of instillation of 2 drops immediately before work, and then – every 2 hours. The duration of use is determined by the doctor individually.
Due to the fact that after opening the vial, the drug is stored at a temperature of 4-8 ° C, it must be warmed to room temperature before use.
There is no experience in children, so it is not recommended to prescribe the drug to this age group of patients.
In compliance with the recommended doses, overdose is not possible.
Side effects
The drug is usually well tolerated, possible reactions at the injection site. With increased individual sensitivity, allergic reactions are possible, including itching, redness. Cases of runny nose have been reported.
Expiration date
4 years. Shelf life of the solution after opening the vial for 5 days at a temperature of from 4 ° C to 8 ° C.
Storage conditions
Store at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C in the original package.
Keep out of reach of children.