Tivortin aspartat solution 200 mg/ml. 200 ml.


Apply in complex therapy of atherosclerosis of vessels of heart and brain, arterial hypertension, atherosclerosis of peripheral vessels; diabetic angiopathy; chronic heart failure; hypercholesterolemia; chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, pulmonary hypertension; asthenic states.



Composition and form of release
The drug Tivortin Aspartate is produced in the form of a slightly yellowish oral solution with a caramel smell. The composition of this product includes the active component – L-arginine aspartate 200 mg (in 1 ml of liquid), as well as additional substances: sorbitol, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, sodium saccharin, food flavoring “Caramel”, propyl parahydroxybenzoate, water for injection.
A cardboard box contains one bottle of 100 ml together with a measuring spoon.
Pharmacological properties
Tivortin Aspartate belongs to the group of cardiac drugs that have detoxification, antioxidant, antihypoxic, cytoprotective, membrane stabilizing effects. The active component L-arginine is very well absorbed by the body, stimulates the functionality of the thymus gland, stabilizes blood glucose during physical exertion, exhibits a moderate anabolic effect, promotes insulin synthesis, and helps to correct acid-base balance.
The drug Tivartin Aspartate is used and prescribed in complex treatment for such diseases:

  • cardiac ischemia;
  • atherosclerosis of the brain and heart vessels;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • atherosclerosis of peripheral vessels;
  • condition after suffering an acute myocardial infarction and acute cerebrovascular accident;
  • diabetic angiopathy;
  • myocardiopathy;
  • hypercholesterolemia;
  • interstitial pneumonia;
  • chronic heart failure;
  • chronic lung disease;
  • idiopathic pulmonary hypertension;
  • chronic postembolic pulmonary hypertension;
  • liver failure of various origins;
  • acute and chronic hepatitis;
  • hepatic encephalopathy;
  • hypoxic and asthenic conditions;
  • caused by hyperammonemia;
  • immunocorrection with a decrease in the function of the thymus gland.

The use of the drug Tivortin Aspartat is contraindicated in patients with severe impairments in the functional activity of the kidneys, as well as in the presence of individual intolerance to the components of this drug.
Application during pregnancy and lactation
It is possible to use the drug Tivortin Aspartate for women, during pregnancy, as well as during lactation, as a last resort, only if the intended benefit to the mother significantly outweighs the potential risk to the fetus or child.
Method of administration and dosage
The drug Tivortin Aspartate is intended for oral administration. The recommended dose is 5 ml (1 measuring spoon, which corresponds to 1 g of the drug) 3-8 times a day. It is necessary to take the solution directly during meals. The maximum permissible daily dose should not exceed 8 g. The duration of therapy is 1-2 weeks, if there is a need, the treatment can be repeated.
In case of an overdose of Tivortin Aspartate, hypersensitivity reactions, as well as hypoglycemic conditions, may occur. If these symptoms occur, it is necessary to rinse the stomach, take activated charcoal and stop using the drug.
Side effects
The use of the drug Tivortin Aspartate can cause mild discomfort in the intestines and stomach, nausea, but these side effects are temporary and gradually disappear. The manifestation of allergic reactions is also possible.
Storage conditions and periods
The drug Tivortin Aspartate must be stored in its original packaging, out of the field of vision of children, at a temperature not exceeding + 25 ° C, it must not be frozen. The shelf life of this product is 24 months.