Traumel S gel 50 g.


Gel and ointment: sports and domestic injuries; birth injuries; inflammatory processes of the musculoskeletal system; inflammatory processes of the skin.



Composition and form of release
Traumeel C is produced in the form of a gel for topical use.
The preparation contains Achillea millеfolium D0 – 0.09 g, Aconitum napellus D1 – 0.05 g, Arnicа montana D3 – 1.5 g, Atropa bella-donna D1 – 0.05 g, Bellis perеnnis D0 – 0.1 g , Cаlendula officinalis D0 – 0.45 g, Echinacea D0 – 0.15 g, Echinacea purpurea D0 – 0.15 g, Hamamelis virginiana D0 – 0.45 g, Hepar sulfuris D6 – 0.025 g, Hypеricum perfоratum D6 – 0.09 g, Mаtricaria reсutita D0 – 0.15 g, Mercurius sоlubilis Hahnemanni D6 – 0.04 g, Symрhytum offiсinale D4 – 0.1 g.
Pharmacological properties
The drug has a hemostatic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, and, in addition, activates the processes of regeneration and repair in tissues, increases the body’s defenses and stabilizes the disturbed work of various organs and systems due to the components contained in its composition.
The gel is used to temporarily relieve joint pain caused by trauma, inflammation of the musculoskeletal system and skin.
The gel is not prescribed to patients who have previously had cases of hypersensitivity to its ingredients.
The gel is not recommended for application to large areas of the body, as well as places with damaged skin.
If, with prolonged application of the gel, there are no positive changes in the dynamics of the disease, then it is necessary to consult a doctor about the advisability of further use of the product.
Application during pregnancy and lactation
The possibility of a negative effect of the components of the drug on the development of the fetus was not confirmed during the clinical study of the drug.
The gel can be used in the treatment of nursing and pregnant women according to the doctor’s decision, but only in the minimum effective doses and in short courses.
Method of administration and dosage
The gel must be applied to the affected area in a thin layer one to two times a day or in case of severe pain. Typically, one centimeter long strips of gel are sufficient to cover a 10 by 10 centimeters body area.
The duration of treatment is selected by a specialist individually and depends on the effectiveness of treatment and the patient’s response to the use of the drug. On average, the duration of treatment reaches 10 days.
Due to low adsorption, the components of the gel do not penetrate into the general bloodstream, which completely excludes the development of symptoms of overdose.
Side effects
When using the gel by patients suffering from intolerance to its components, they may experience the development of allergic reactions, manifested by the occurrence of irritation, itching, hyperemia and rashes in the places of its application.
If hypersensitivity reactions occur, the application of the gel should be abandoned.
Storage conditions and periods
Traumeel S should be stored in dry, dark places out of the reach of small children. The shelf life of the gel is 3 years.