Trenaxa solution for injections 100 mg/ml. 5 ml. ampoules №5


Manufacturer: Spain



Bleeding or risk of bleeding with increased fibrinolysis, as generalized (bleeding during operations and postoperative period, postpartum hemorrhage, manual separation of chorion, bleeding during pregnancy, malignant neoplasm of the pancreatic and premenopausal, purpura, leukemia, liver disease, previous therapy with streptokinase) and local (uterine, nasal, pulmonary, gastrointestinal bleeding, hematuria, cr vegetable after prostatectomy, cervical conization for carcinoma, tooth extraction in patients with hemorrhagic diathesis). Surgery on the bladder. Surgical manipulations at systemic inflammatory reaction (sepsis, peritonitis, pancreatic necrosis, severe and moderate gestosis, shock of different etiology and other critical conditions).