Trinefron oral drops 100 ml.


For the complex treatment of inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract. Prevention of the formation of urinary stones, including after their removal. Means used in urology.



Composition and form of release
Trinephron is made in the form of oral drops contained in vials, which are made of dark glass and equipped with a dropper cap for accurate dosage of the drug.
One gram of the drug contains 27 drops. The medicinal product contains a liquid extract of centaury herb, medicinal rosemary leaves, medicinal lovage root.
Pharmacological properties
The ingredients that make up the drug are of plant origin and demonstrate complex activity. The drug has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antioxidant and analgesic effects. In addition, the drops have antibacterial and diuretic effects.
Oral drops are used as part of the complex treatment of inflammatory lesions of the urinary tract. Also, the drug is used to prevent the development of urolithiasis and prevent the formation of calculi in the kidneys and bladder after their removal or spontaneous exit.
It is necessary to avoid prescribing the drug to patients who suffer from hypersensitivity to its ingredients or other plants that belong to the Umbrella class.
In addition, the drug is contraindicated in patients who suffer from ulcerative lesions of the intestines and stomach in the acute stage.
Drops are not prescribed to patients who have edema associated with heart or renal failure.
Due to the presence of ethyl alcohol in the drops, they are not used in the therapy of patients who suffer from alcohol dependence or have undergone a course of anti-alcohol therapy. In addition, one should refrain from prescribing the drug to patients who drive potentially dangerous machinery or vehicles.
If, when taking the drops, the patient has a fever, spasms, symptoms of urinary disorders or blood in the urine, then you should immediately seek help from a doctor.
Application during pregnancy and lactation
In the process of studying the drug, no teratogenic or mutagenic action was revealed in it, however, due to the limited experience of using the drug in the therapy of pregnant women, its appointment to this category of patients is carried out only as a last resort.
Taking drops is not compatible with breastfeeding.
Method of administration and dosage
Patients take the drug 50 drops three times a day. The drug can be taken either in pure or diluted form. It is recommended to shake the product thoroughly before use to achieve an even distribution of medicinal substances in the solution.
Treatment with the drug should be accompanied by the intake of a sufficient amount of liquid.
The duration of therapy in each case is determined by the doctor individually.
When taking drops in high doses, the patient may experience symptoms of alcohol intoxication. Treatment is symptomatic.
Side effects
The use of drops can be accompanied by disruption of the digestive system, manifested by the occurrence of dyspeptic disorders. Also, when taking the drug, some patients may experience local allergic reactions, which are characterized by the occurrence of skin rashes, urticaria, itching and irritation.
Storage conditions and periods
Trinephron must be stored in a place protected from direct sunlight. Duration of storage of drops is 3 years.