Uro-vaxom (escherichia coli) capsules 6 mg. №30


Prevention of recurrence of chronic infections of the lower urinary tract. Combined treatment of acute urinary tract infections.



Composition and form of release
The active ingredient is a lysate of bacteria of the type Escherichia coli, auxiliary components. It is produced in the form of a lyophilized powder packed in capsules.
Uro-Vaxom is a drug used in urological practice. It is prescribed for the prevention of recurrence of chronic lower urinary tract infection, and is also used in combination therapy for the acute phase of urinary tract infection.
This drug is an immunostimulant that is capable of activating T-lymphocytes, inducing the secretion of endogenous interferon, increasing the level of immunoglobulin A, including its content in the urine.
It is not prescribed if one of the components is intolerant. Also, you should not use the drug on the eve of vaccination (14 days) and in the post-vaccination period.
Application during pregnancy and lactation
There is no reliable data on the absence of negative effects on the fetus and the expectant mother, because clinical studies are not carried out on pregnant women.
Method of administration and dosage
In the case of taking a pharmaceutical preparation for preventive purposes, it is consumed 1 piece, in the morning, on an empty stomach. The course of prevention is 3 months.
In the treatment of an acute attack, the regimen repeats the prophylactic one, but the drug is taken until the symptoms disappear, and not less than 10 days.
It is permissible for young patients to simplify the intake of the drug by opening the capsule and mixing its contents with a small amount of liquid.
The doctor can change the duration of treatment based on the individual characteristics of the course of the disease and the patient’s reactions.
Medicine has not recorded cases of overdose with this drug. In case of accidental excessive use, you should rinse the stomach, take enterosorbents.
Side effects
Usually, the patient is well tolerated taking the drug. However, in rare cases, minor dyspeptic disorders were observed in the form of diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and slight fever. The appearance of allergic skin reactions in the form of itching, exanthema, erythema is possible.
Storage conditions and periods
Retains its medicinal properties for up to 5 years, subject to storage conditions (temperature not higher than 25 ° C).