Urotol (tolterodine) coated tablets 2 mg. №56


Symptomatic treatment of increased bladder activity with frequent urgent urge for urination and / or urinary incontinence.



Composition and form of release
Urotol is produced in the form of round biconvex tablets covered with a film membrane of 1 mg yellow and 2 mg white. The active substance of the drug is tolterodine hydrotartrate.
Urotol is used in the treatment of bladder hyperreflexia, which is manifested by frequent, imperative urge to urinate, as well as increased frequency of urination and urinary incontinence.
Urotol is not prescribed for intolerance to tolterodine hydrotartrate, urinary retention, poorly treatable angle-closure glaucoma, severe ulcerative colitis, myasthenia gravis, megacolone. The drug is not used in patients under 18 years of age.
You should be extremely careful when prescribing the drug to patients with obstruction of the lower urinary tract, an increased risk of deterioration of intestinal motility, obstructive lesions of the digestive system, renal or hepatic failure, hernia of the esophageal opening of the diaphragm and neuropathies.
Application during pregnancy and breastfeeding
The appointment of Urotol to pregnant women is justified only if the benefits of its use significantly exceed the possible risk to the fetus.
Due to the lack of information on the degree of penetration of tolterodine into breast milk when prescribing the drug to women at the stage of lactation, the patient should refuse breastfeeding.
Method of administration and dosage
Urotol tablets are taken orally, regardless of the meal. Adult patients should take 1 tablet or 2 mg of the drug 2 times a day. If necessary, the daily dose of Urotol can be reduced to 2 mg per day, in this case the patient should take 1 tablet of 1 mg twice a day.
In case of impaired liver or kidney function, as well as when taking Urotol together with ketoconazole or other CYP3A4 inhibitors, it is recommended to reduce the dose of the drug to 1 mg twice a day.
It is recommended to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment with Urotol no earlier than 2 or 3 months after the start of therapy.
In acute poisoning with Urotol, the patient has paresis of accommodation, painful urge to urinate, mydriasis, hallucinations, convulsions, severe agitation, respiratory failure, increased heart rate, prolongation of the QT interval and urinary retention.
Treatment of poisoning consists in the timely lavage of the stomach, the appointment of activated charcoal to the victim, as well as the appointment of the correct symptomatic treatment.
Side effects
When taking Urotol, patients experience allergic reactions, increased nervousness, impaired consciousness, dizziness, hallucinations, paresthesias, drowsiness, accommodation disorder, arrhythmia, tachycardia, dyspepsia, constipation, abdominal pain, flatulence, gastroesophageal reflux, dry skin and urinary retention.
Storage conditions and periods
Urotol is stored at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C in places protected from light and children. The shelf life of the drug Urotol is 2 years.