Ursochol (ursodeoxycholic acid) capsules 0.25 g. №100


Dissolution of X-ray negative cholesterol gallstones no larger than 15 mm in diameter in patients with a functioning gallbladder, despite the presence of gallstone (s) in it. Treatment of gastritis with bile reflux. Symptomatic treatment of primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) in the absence of decompensated liver cirrhosis. For the treatment of hepatobiliary disorders in cystic fibrosis in children from 6 to 18 yEars and Nose.



Composition and form of release
Active ingredient: ursodeoxycholic acid.
Ursohol is produced in the form of capsules of 250 mg.
Pharmacological properties
It is a medicine containing ursodeoxycholic acid, which is normally present in human bile. It is used for diseases of the hepatobiliary system, accompanied by the formation of stones. Slows down the absorption of cholesterol in the small intestine, reducing the saturation of bile with cholesterol.
Ursohol is used:

  • for the symptomatic treatment of primary biliary cirrhosis;
  • for the treatment of hepatobiliary disorders in children aged 6–18 years with cystic fibrosis;
  • for the treatment of gastritis with bile reflux;
  • to dissolve cholesterol gallstones (X-ray negative) with a diameter of less than 15 mm in patients with a functioning gallbladder.

You can not use Ursohol:

  • with intolerance to the components of the drug;
  • with cirrhosis of the liver in the stage of decompensation;
  • with cholangitis (acute inflammation of the bile ducts), cholecystitis (acute inflammation of the gallbladder);
  • with obstruction of the common bile duct, bladder duct;
  • with frequent episodes of hepatic colic;
  • when detecting radiopaque calcified stones in the gallbladder;
  • in violation of the contractility of the gallbladder;
  • with unsuccessful portoenterostomy or lack of sufficient outflow of bile in children with biliary atresia.

Application during pregnancy and lactation
Animal studies have shown adverse effects of this drug on pregnancy, especially in the early stages. The concentration of the active substance (ursodeoxycholic acid) in mother’s milk during breastfeeding is extremely low, therefore, the development of adverse reactions in an infant receiving such milk is not expected.
Before starting treatment with Ursochol, it is important to exclude pregnancy.
Method of administration and dosage
Reception of Ursochol is possible only on the recommendation of a doctor and under his supervision.
During the first three months of therapy, hepatic functional indicators (AcAT, ALT, gamma-glutamyltransferase) should be monitored every four weeks, and then every three months.
Dosing for the purpose of dissolving cholesterol gallstones – 10 mg / kg / day: for patients 47-60 kg – 2 capsules / day (500 mg / day); patients 61–80 kg – 3 capsules / day (750 mg / day); patients 81-100 kg – 4 capsules / day (1000 mg / day); patients weighing 100 kg – 5 capsules / day (1250 mg / day). Capsules are used regularly – 1 time / day with water. The medication is used to dissolve gallstones for 6-24 months. If a decrease in the size of gallstones has not occurred after a year of regular use, it is not advisable to continue therapy. Ultrasonic testing is performed every 6 months.
For the treatment of gastritis with bile reflux, 1 capsule (250 mg) x1 times / day is used, the course of treatment is 10-14 days.
For symptomatic therapy of primary biliary cirrhosis, 14 ± 2 mg / kg / day are used.
In the first three months of treatment, the tablets are taken, distributing the daily dose into several doses. With positive dynamics, the daily dose can be taken once / day – in the evening.
For the treatment of hepatobiliary disorders in cystic fibrosis, children aged 6-18 years are prescribed 20 mg / kg / day in 2-3 doses, followed by an increase in the dose to 30 mg / kg / day, if necessary.
In case of an overdose of Ursochol, diarrhea (frequent and loose stools) may occur. In this case, the dose is reduced, and in case of persistent diarrhea, treatment is stopped.
Side effects

  • Co side of digestion: pain in the right hypochondrium, frequent and loose stools, pasty stools.
  • Co side of the immune system: allergy.
  • Co side of the hepatobiliary system: calcification of gallstones, decompensation of the course of liver cirrhosis.

Storage conditions and periods
Store capsules at 15-25 ° С for no more than 2 years.