Vietnam Star (menthol) 4 g. №1


Manufacturer: Vietnam

Prevention and treatment of symptoms of influenza, colds (runny nose, rhinitis, sinusitis); exacerbation of diseases of the musculoskeletal system (chronic arthritis, arthrosis-arthritis, spondylitis); for pain of different origin (including headache); with hematomas, dislocations, minor skin inflammations, insect bites (to eliminate local skin inflammation, pain and itching).


Vietnam Star (menthol) 4 g. №1


Camphor, peppermint essential oil, methyl salicylate/turpentine, menthol, cinnamon essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil.


Cosmetic liquid balm “Vietnam Star” is based on a unique healing recipe from a rich composition of essential oils of medicinal plants.

The balm has an antiseptic, antibacterial, warming and anti-inflammatory effect. Cosmetic liquid balm is useful in a set of measures for the prevention and treatment of influenza and colds (runny nose, cough, etc.), for example, in the form of rubbing or aroma inhalation.

The warming and anti-inflammatory properties of the cosmetic balm are relevant for inflammation of the musculoskeletal system (joints and spine), myalgia (muscle pain), sprains, injuries and bruises.

Cosmetic liquid balm  reduces fatigue and swelling of the legs. In these cases, the Vietnam Star balm can be applied externally in the form of rubbing. When applied to the skin in the area of ​​the temples, cosmetic liquid balm helps to eliminate headaches and migraines, fatigue and depression.

Cosmetic balm can be used before trips or flights as part of a set of measures to prevent motion sickness. Cosmetic liquid balm “Vietnam Star” eliminates itching and swelling from insect bites (bees, mosquitoes, midges).

Cosmetic liquid balm “Vietnam Star” does not contain clove oil, which reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions.

Recommendations for use

Cosmetic liquid balm “Vietnam Star” for runny nose and colds in the complex of measures for the prevention and treatment of colds, it is recommended to apply cosmetic liquid balm “Vietnam Star” on the wings of the nose and bridge of the nose with light massaging movements.

In case of a hacking cough, apply the Vietnam Star cosmetic liquid balm to the skin in the chest, neck and upper back, then put on warm underwear. The balm can be applied before bedtime. Cosmetic liquid balm for inhalation with a runny nose and a hacking cough can also be used for inhalation. To do this, to 1 liter of hot water in the inhaler add cosmetic liquid balm “Vietnam Star” in a small amount (on the tip of a knife). If you use a medical device that is not specially adapted for this purpose, then follow all safety rules as much as possible so as not to burn yourself with hot steam. Inhalation spend for 10 minutes.

To enhance the effect of cosmetic liquid balm “Vietnam Star” is recommended to be used in parallel in aroma lamps.

Cosmetic liquid balm for pain in the joints, muscles, bruises and sprains, apply to a disturbing joint or to places where pain has arisen, and rub it thoroughly. After that, for better and deeper warming of the affected area, wrap it with a warm cloth. The onset of a pain-relieving effect can be expected after 2-3 hours.

Cosmetic liquid balm “Vietnam Star” from insect bites, to reduce swelling and itching, cosmetic liquid balm “Vietnam Star” can lubricate the bite site.

Please note that if the skin is affected by scratching wounds, then it is not recommended to apply the balm to the damaged areas.

The composition of essential oils, which are part of the cosmetic liquid balm, has a calming effect on the nervous system. When in a bad mood, depression or fatigue, use the Asterisk cosmetic liquid balm in aroma lamps, or rub a small amount of it into the temple area with light circular movements.

Mode of application
For outdoor use. Avoid contact with eyes.


Liquid cosmetic balm is not recommended for use by children under 3 years old, pregnant women, people with individual intolerance to the components.