Xarelto (rivaroxaban) coated tablets 20 mg. №28


Manufacturer: Germany



xarelto is the trade name of rivaroxaban, an oral anticoagulant from the group of direct XA factor inhibitors produced and developed by the Bayer pharmaceutical company in conjunction with Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research&Development, L. L. C. Rivaroxaban is the first effective direct inhibitor of factor XA (Stewart-Prauer factor) with the possibility of enteral use. Factor XA is the main link for converting prothrombin into thrombin, which contributes to the process of intravascular blood clotting. The drug inhibits the production of thrombin and prevents the formation of fibrin, which provokes blood coagulation. A distinctive feature of Xarelto is the high selectivity of this action, which allows you to simultaneously block both the external and internal pathways of blood clotting and suspend the process of thrombosis. Thus, Xarelto has significant advantages relative to the work of indirect anticoagulants and heparin in the body