Zinerit (erythromycin) powder 30 ml. №1 Vial


Antimicrobial Acne Treatment



Composition and form of release
Zinerite is fed in the form of a powder intended for preparation of a solution for external drawing. The powders contain erythromycin and micronized zinc acetate dihydrate.

Zinerite is used in the treatment of acne, which provides resistance to the development of public and cosmetic products.

Zinerite is not used if in most cases intolerance to erythromycin and other macrolides is detected. The drug is also not defined in patients with hypersensitivity to zinc.

When using Zinerita should avoid contact with the image of the eye, mouth and nose, as this can cause not only its irritation, but also burns.

Use during pregnancy and breastfeeding
In compliance with the basic rules of use and a clear dosage regimen Zinerit may be used in the treatment of nursing and pregnant women. At local drawing of drug its components are not soaked up in the general blood-groove and do not show negative influence on development of a fruit or the child.

Method of application and dosage
Zinerite is intended for external use only. The drug is applied using the applicator offered to the vial. It is recommended to apply the medium in a thin layer twice a day on the affected area. The first solution of the solution is applied in the morning, after hygienic procedures, before applying makeup, and in the evening, after washing.

After the solution is prepared, it is necessary to reinstall the vial upside down and apply it to the applicator with light pressure, then distribute the product in a thin layer over the entire affected participant. The rate of application of the drug regulates the force of pressing the applicator on the skin. A single dose of the drug is 0.5 ml. Once the drug dries, it will become invisible. The duration of treatment can vary from ten to twelve weeks. The next substitute, which in some cases of clinical improvement occurs after the fourth day of treatment. It is not recommended to carry out excellent treatment after the first symptoms of improvement.

With a combination of all the features of the use of Zinerita overdose is impossible due to the fact that the drug is not adsorbed into the general bloodstream. At casual reception of a preparation of an internal pain syndrome it is necessary to say a stomach, to provide reception of salt weak and enterosorbents that allows to use freshness to a minimum of its toxic influence on an organism big.

Side effects
Due to the fact that Zinerite has a low ability to absorb, its use is possible only the development of local side effects. In some large patients with hypersensitivity to the components of the drug may be recorded in the area of ​​application of the drug eye search, irritation, increased dryness of the skin. Most often, side effects are mild and have no clinical significance.

Terms and conditions of storage
Zinerite should be stored out of the reach of children. The duration of storage of the drug does not increase by 3 years.