Zolev-500 (levofloxacin) coated tablets 500 mg. №5


Manufacturer: India



Zolev is indicated for the treatment in adults of such infections caused by microorganisms sensitive to levofloxacin: acute bacterial sinusitis; exacerbation of chronic bronchitis; non-hospital pneumonia; complicated infections of the skin and soft tissues (in the case of the treatment of the above infections the drug is used only when the use of other antibacterial agents, usually intended for the initial treatment of these infections is impossible); complicated infections of the urinary tract (including pyelonephritis); chronic bacterial prostatitis; uncomplicated cystitis; pulmonary anthrax: post-contact prophylaxis and treatment. Levofloxacin in this dosage form (tablets) can be used to complete the course of therapy for patients who have shown improvement during their initial treatment with levofloxacin, a solution for infusion.